party time

4A655602-8BA2-4354-915A-419EF1A29C0BOn Friday, a day that threatened rain and wind and turned lovely at the exact right time, a few of the girls that Julia has known at West, mostly through choir class and cheer, had a small farewell lunch.  Julia could not have organized this herself and because Julia does not have school friends who she associates with outside of school, I would have had a hard time assembling a group.  But these lovely young women proposed a party and executed it flawlessly.

And I am forever grateful for the young women who have included Julia in their school lives and who made this a very special time for her.

3 thoughts on “party time

  1. Glad to read that there is a “work around solution” to healthcare for Julia.
    Where do you get your energy, Suzanne?
    I was happy to find that I can access your blog even though I’m not on Facebook anymore.
    Wishing you and Julia amazing and happy times in your new home.
    Fondly, Joan

  2. That is very sweet. They saw Julia’s good qualities and realized how much it would mean to her. Yay for mature young friends!

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