night to remember

Night to Remember is a prom-like experience designed to celebrate kids, teens and adults with special needs. Participation is completely free of charge, and includes dresses, tuxedos, make-up, hairstyling, jewelry, corsages and boutonnières, limo rides, a walk down the carpet with a cheering crowd, photography, a gift bag, snacks and a night of dancing!  It truly is a night to remember!”

It takes awhile to get ready at home, including a quick dye of her lightened hair to  match her dress.  Then I insisted on the tradition mom pictures at home.

We went to Monona Terrace and with much serendipity, Julia met up with her friend, Amanda who graciously spent the party with her.  Julia loved it! She had told me when we were still at home that she was anxious about the party.  What self awareness for my girl! I was so proud of her.  Hooking up with Amanda felt like the reward for acknowledging her nervousness.

Once at Monona Terrace, there was hair styling, makeup and a limousine ride around the capital before they walked down the red carpet.

Then the red carpet walk.

After that, there was an evening of dancing.

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