I’m having a hard time writing.  With all that is swirling around in the greater Madison/ Wisconsin/USA world, with pipe bombs and the massacre in Pittsburg and the killing of Kroger shoppers in Kentucky–all just in the last week–I find it hard to take the petty concerns of my days seriously. Can we all vote now or on November 6?  Can we vote for Democratic candidates no matter how we’ve voted in the past?  We need to break the choke hold that the current administration has on the rhetoric of our nation.  I’m sorry to ask good Republicans, moderates, fiscal conservatives to betray your party.  But really, is it your party?  I find it hard to believe that the Republican judges I worked for and those I knew in the legal Indy community approve of what the Executive and Legislative branches of out federal government are doing.  Or saying.  It is horrifying to see a major American political party welcome Nazis, White Supremacists and misogynists into its ranks.  It is appalling to hear a president’s speak so disrespectfully of people, institutions, agencies that are vital to our way of life.  Today’s insult, to nullify the long-accepted constitutional guarantee of birthright citizenship in the United States via executive order is absurd.  He must know that.  It is, however, a great way to rally the racists.  And when it proves not possible, he will lie and say he never said it and those same racists will believe him.  How can you stand his lies? 3084 since his inauguration, some possibly not intentional but for a president to lie unintentionally is no excuse.  It just means he didn’t both to find out the truth.

I voted yesterday.  At the library and not alone.  There was a line, there was waiting.  I hope they were all voting for the Democrats.  I’ve never felt so partisan but I hope that everyone who reads this will vote.  And vote for the Democrats on your ballot.  My life, Julia’s life and probably your life depend on it.

We went to Boston in the middle of October and had a few days with Cheshire and Justin just back from London and Paris.  We visited a few high schools, we walked the wharf by Cheshire’s apartment and visited the Bunker Hill plinth, we drove around Concord and visited Louisa May Alcott’s house.  Boston was about 10 days or so behind our Madison Fall.  There is sweetness in reliving the turnings of leaves so soon after our leaves turned.

On our return, Julia went to the Penguin Project Halloween party.  Her costume desire was for paladin armor from Voltron Legendary Defender.  I found a cos-play pattern but it was too hard for me–no sewing but cutting, manipulating and gluing sheet foam.  After a few days of moping around, she settled on a shirt that I found online but it couldn’t make it for the party.  And so, I dug up a Chinese dress, the biggest one we brought from China and one that Julia wore about 10 years ago.  She is taller but still that skinny.

The party was fun and at the end the assembled group sang, “Don’t Stop Believing,” the Penguin anthem.  We will get started with Penguin Project again after the new year.

Julia sang in the first choral concert of the year.  She did great.  She stood still, paid attention to her director, sang and left the stage without delay when told.  Interestingly, she was talking about blending her voice with other voices yesterday.  What a novel idea for her!

Then, last week an Estonian Choir visited West High School.  I had volunteered to host a singer for two nights but was late to the list and all the student singers were placed.  About 5 on Monday, our choral director called to find out if I could possibly house the Estonian choir director and her husband.  I said yes and we have two very interesting days.  They were lovely, the concert was wonderful and now, I want to visit Estonia.

Nothing awful has happened from the time I began writing this til now.  At least, nothing has been reported.  I hold my breath and pray it may continue.

2 thoughts on “vote

  1. Hi Ann! The cemetery is the one on Concord’s green. I kinda fell in love with Concord. I’m a true sap for New England in the Fall. We have to talk Boston!

    And Estonia! There is an incredible choral festival every five year which I think would be the summer after next. Pretty cool to hear 30,000 people singing together. I’ve also run across a few friends that have been to Finland. All this does sound like a very interesting travel destination.

    Penguin Project to is a national group that puts on musicals with kid with disabilities by pairing artists with disabilities with same aged typical peers or mentors. Julia was in the show last June (see some pictures here: and she’s signed up to start again in January for this year’s play. It is a wonderful community working for kids who love the experience.

  2. Loved the Boston and surroundings pictures. One of my old stamping grounds. I especially loved the old cemetery– is that the one on the Common?
    From what little I saw of Estonia, I think you would enjoy it. And great to have some new friends there!
    Is the Penguin group for kids with Autism?Looks like they were having fun.

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