week in a million pictures

The week has completely run away from me and now we are traveling in three ( yes, 3! Eek!) days.  So, before traveling I am posting pictures from our NYC visit and from the Penguin Project production. And then I’ll get back to travel prep.

Favs from MOMA:


A few shots of our Italian friends. I am so happy we decided to make their NYC visit a visit for Julia and I as well.


The full cast of School House Rock.  82 kids.  38 artists with disabilities and the rest mentors.  In addition, a full cadre of wonderful adults who patiently built a show over the last 5 months.   It has been an incredible experience for Julia and I am so grateful for each and every person involved.


Some production pictures.


The pictures are from two of the three performances.  Julia was the lead singer for Interplant Janet and she had a great time singing in the spotlight.  So, so many lessons for her!   She had a Korean costume for Melting Pot.  It was gorgeous!  Now, she says she must be a little bit Korean making her Chinese-Ukrainian-Jewish-British-Korean-American.  She is the melting pot!

On opening night, Cheshire, Justin and Linde joined the throng.  Also, Amy who took the photo.  The other penguin in the picture is Olivia Rose, Julia’s mentor and friend. We’ve been to Camp Awesum with her family and her father and brother have been part of the winter skating group that we’ve long been a part of.  On Saturday, Bella, one of our respite providers saw the show and today, our dear neighbor, Maria saw the show and volunteered to do the driving to and from Sun Prarie.  Oh, what a gift!  Another friend and West High mom, Kelli, came to the show today and maybe we’ll get her son to join the Penguins next year.


Weather has not cooperated this past week but we managed to get in short visits to Olbrick Garden and downtown to show off Madison to Justin who was visiting for the first time.



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