Sydney 1


Wonder Woman finds a friend.

Sydney.  Randwick is the suburb where our cousin, Steph, lives and is our first home base here.  I was admittedly pretty grumpy in awakening. Jet lag is the probable culprit. I woke up too early sure that I had under packed abommitably.  When Steph picked us up the previous morning, the outside was freezing and this second morning was cold enough for Julia to put on all her warm clothes at same time.   Just as I had read and been advised, the daywarmed up, we stripped off layers and I dug out sunglasses.  After breakfast, I wanted to walk and Steph took us to Coogee Beach. We have many Australian beaches in out travel plans but the first sight of the Pacific was magnificent!  Sun, blue skies and waters, white caps, jagged mock outcropinngs, white sand and many people reveling in the lovely day.  Julia couldn’t wait to be on the beach today although we resisted taking shoes off and letting the waves run over our toes.  We were still cold and the wind whipped our hair.  There were a number of swimmers, all without wetsuits which encouraged the belief that we too would be in the water soon.

In the afternoon, we went to the Acquarium with cousin Scott. Julia found fish and Eels who were around since the Dino times.  Sharks and sea horses, penguins, turtles and coral.  All the animals were Australian and some were native to Sydney—a good introduction to what we will be seeing during the month.


We went to an Aborginal Crafts Festival in the city center. We had our first views of the Opeta House and the Bridge.


At the festival there were Many beautiful canvases. The styles, colors and patterns immediately appealed to me,  I want to bring one home.  A kids’ dance group danced on a stage of sand and Julia had kangaroo curry for lunch.


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