hot lunch

Julia ordered hot lunch at school on Thursday.  She did it deliberately.  Before lunch time, she took her brought-from-home lunch out of the class lunch bin and put it in her locker.  When the class went down to lunch she got in line for hot lunch and took a hot plastic tray to her seat.  It was pizza and she was very pleased.  Her teacher and an aide caught the aberration too late and let her just eat.  Julia has been taking her lunch to school since kindergarten — for a long time she didn’t like the bread based lunches that were served, the food is not that good, and frankly, I don’t think she noticed that other kids were getting school lunches.

Her teacher fired off an email to report this behavior.

And so did Julia.  I mean she told me.  First thing off the school bus was . . . to back up, she came off the school bus excited to tell me something.  This is very rare.  I am usually prodding and scaffolding for a few words about the day.  She declared that she wanted to eat hot lunch at school.  I could almost hear, “like everyone else.”  At least, I think so.

I have a lot of questions about this.  I could theorize.  Is this an opening out and due to her visual therapy? Did she know that pizza was being served?  I don’t consider that this was impulsive behavior — seems pretty deliberate and planned to me.

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