thoughts on leaving Torino

Cafe breakfast

Looking back at Torino now that we’ve spent 24 hours in Genova, I see the almost quiet elegance in the streets fully acknowledging the gold on gold of the palazzo reale.  Not to mention all those giant canvases.  Miles of colonnaded streets give shade and shelter for generations of walkers.  I heard some story that they were built so that the weather would not impede royals in need of exercise.  The small streets of the city centro still allows for sun to touch the cobble stones.   Continue reading

also Torino


This is our last full day in Torino and I started it rather grumpy. We have seen many of the sights on my list; we’ve spent time with our friends and enjoyed their company and also enjoyed sharing in some typical life activities–cooking at home, a Pilates class, driving around the city looking at neighborhoods and eating much gelato. They have take us to the country for a slow Sunday dinner of typical food, to their favorite pizza restaurant and to their favorite graniti cafe.  And still, I seem to want more. We are staying longer in each place we visit this year and today I still feel like we have just arrived and we are getting ready to leave. The week has gone so by very quickly. It does takes us a long time to settle in, it takes me a long time to recognize streets and places I’ve passed before. Am I too greedy to want to understand and take in more? Continue reading

Torino & La Venaria Reale


From Saturday.

It is almost noon. I have been up since 7; Julia still snores. I had hoped to walk to the big Vodafone store and get a data card for my iPad, the smaller store where I was able to get the card last year, no longer sells them. I can’t leave Julia, even sleeping, for a long walk. I unpacked and sorted out bags, had breakfast with coffee, talked to various members of the house, walked the dog with my friend, had a short Italian lesson with my friend and now have some writing time. I am almost ready for the nap I promised myself. And yet, I don’t have the heart to awaken my princess. She lived on two hours of sleep yesterday stolen on the plane ride. I am impatient to become acclimated to this place and to be out exploring. This is away so the way I am at the beginning of traveling. Julia is just obeying her body’s need for rest.

So, should I wake her at noon? Continue reading