This morning, we’ve spent the morning on our back porch.  Julia is editing pictures for her blog.  She has drawn most days but has not posted since the week before the wedding.  We counted and that was 40 days ago.  She lost interest in posting and I can’t blame her-it was supposed to be a place to put pictures for the short term.  After 100+ days and 100+ pictures, it is no longer short term.

This morning, we took pictures of her pictures and it will take most of the day for her to edit and post.  The blog began with pictures of what she/we did during our quarantine days but Julia got bored, it became a lot tougher to come up with ideas and I could not inspire her to continue down that path.  I also was, for a short time, busy with the wedding. And so, she has been drawing what she wanted to—mostly anime characters that she obsesses about.  Not being an artist or educator, I don’t know what to do next with this mountain of pictures. Perhaps an artist or educator could see some development or where to go or what to ask for next.  I don’t. This has long been my challenge.

It is very nice to be quiet together.  We don’t have many of those times.  

Last Friday was the last day of planned activity—Camp Echo Bridge via zoom—for Julia and so, I’ve been scrambling.  Julia is still on iPad vacation which means way more work for me keeping her amused and occupied.  She is not at all inclined to do anything that smells of school work—will she ever do it again?  So, reading anything but graphic novels and doing any math practice is repugnant.  She is also still annoyed that I am keeping her off the iPad but slowly, very slowly, she has found other things to do and something of her annoyance level and anxiety has gone down.  One thing she gets lost in is cleaning projects.  She can spend entire days re-ordering CDs or books. Her chest of drawers is an incredible mess.  It will take days to sort it.  

We are back to keeping track of chores for an allowance.  Julia still needs to be asked to empty the dishwasher or bring up the clean wash from the dryer, but she is more willing to do those things.  She takes forever to vacuum a room but admittedly, she does it pretty well.

My hope is to fill the next four weeks with some activities and touristy visits.  We need to get outside our bubble of a house however pleasant that it is.  Probably most will happen during week days.  I made reservations for an inn at the beach in Falmouth on the Cape for a few days at the beginning of September.  I am trying to be as safe as possible—who would ever think of calling an innkeeper before making a reservation to ask about their cleaning habits.  More trust is necessary to leave the house in this time.  

Saturday we went to Concord, walked around the town that was having a very low key festival with lots of shops putting out tables for sales.  A local book shop allowed 2 customers in at a time—we had a half hour to shop before being asked to leave.  I found a small book and some postcards.  We visited the Concord Museum which was small and thankfully empty, the Alcott house was closed until further notice.  I do like the town.  Could I live in a small town? I pulled into the parking lot of Walden Pond afterwards thinking we would walk the path, one-way now, around the pond, but the lot was jammed packed and I demurred.  Weekdays are a good idea, I think.

We visited the Garden in the Woods in Framingham on Monday.  We found it empty and very pleasant—I loved the plantings, cultivated wildness—but too short.  The one way path with two short extra looping paths took a bit more than an hour and we tarried at times and walked it slowly.  I want to go somewhere like Longwood Gardens that is an extravagant garden that goes on forever but it is five and a half hours from here.  We would have to stay somewhere and would probably need to pee at least once on our journey.  Longwood is the kind of short trip I had hoped for in the early spring—a stop in NYC, maybe see a show, visit a NYC friend or two, maybe a Jersey visit as well.  I don’t feel safe doing any of it right now.  Too many opportunities to take too many chances. I wonder at my paranoia level.  I rationalize that if I stay in-state and do day-trips I am safer than going further afield, but who knows?

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  1. I haven’t read that one. I am knee deep in Geraldine Brooks’ March which reimagines the Little Women story from the father’s point of view. Also, borrows some of the Alcotts’ lives.

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