the wait

I’ve spent the day today waiting.  Busy outside, inside quite pensive, anticipating.  I packed clothes, washed one load for the last few things to pack, cleaned the kitchen and living room—the dining room is full of what is coming with us to New Hampshire—vacuumed the hall and my room.  I asked Julia to clean her room and she got lost down the hole of rearranging her bookcase.  Just like her cleaning and arrangement of the CD rack, this was be her task of the day.  She found a few books she had been “looking” for and the program of the Milwaukee Con that we went to last year, long before the virus put an end to the costumed gatherings.  Over the past year, Julia as been gifted with two costumes that she intended to wear to the Boston Con this August.  Maybe next August?

Periodically, I look at my lists and add another something to the to-go pile.  I have some food shopping to do tomorrow before we leave but we cannot check in until after 4, so there will be no rush.

Tomorrow we leave for the house on Lake Winnipesaukee for a week of gathering together with Justin’s family to celebrate the wedding of Cheshire and Justin.  Because quarantine has provided endless time, everything I need to prepare and pack is finished.  I think.  I hope.

The korovia was delivered this morning.  Dresses hang on the doors of my closet. Pesto for Sunday’s supper is in the fridge. I remembered to pack wedding shoes for both Julia and myself. 

I have kept myself busy all day, but absolute truth be told, we could have left at noon today, so much I did was busy work, useful yet non-essential. And although I will miss the many dear people who might have been at the big wedding celebration that was originally planned, I am truly grateful that Justin and Cheshire and our families have made such a stunning pitcher of lemonade.  

And I am excited.

How lovely to be able to write that!  What has been exciting since March 13?  Not much here.  Okay, nothing here.  But this wedding celebration, this coming week of gathering and making new family members bring such a smile to my face.

I will write of the week, hopefully as it happens, and I will post lots of pictures.

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