a few days in and around boston

Spring break.  Tuesday through Saturday.  Boston environs.  Pictures now, reflections later.


First morning in Boston and first Dunkin’ Donut.

The cutest apartment in all of Boston!  A carriage house to a very beautiful old Victorian.  No, I didn’t get it.  I didn’t even get inside to look at it.  The rude RE agent cancelled our appointment after I arrived.  We did, however, climb stairs and peek in windows.  Universe, I’m putting you on notice that this apartment’s twin is my wish list.  Please.


Newton public library has a large teen section with plenty of manga.

Inside the Newton Unitarian Church.

The Charlestown neighborhood where Cheshire and Justine live.

The Boston Science Museum.  Dinosaurs and a lightening show and costing a tornado into life and a planetarium trip to Mars and a beautiful view of the Charles River.


Thursday drawing.  Copying a comic wedding.

Arlington High School visit.

Revolutionary War hero plaques.

Gateway Arts.  A place where adults with disabilities make art.  A place that Julia May be able to work at when she is finished with high school.



Saturday afternoon walk around Harvard Square.

Out last afternoon in Boston at Newton South High School.

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