img_4026We have been!  If there is one person in my circle who has not heard of Marie Kondo, Japanese tidying diva, you need to check out her Netflix show and her website. https://blog.konmari.com. Wait, let me walk that back.  If you house (and your life) is orderly and tidy, if you have only what you need and are not burdened by the excesses you carry, ignore this goddess.

But for us . . .

Today is the first day back to school in a week.  The cold has kept us inside apart from necessary grocery runs and the kick off Penguin Project meeting last Sunday.  We did manage to host a spur of the moment dinner party at the beginning of the week, cabin fever averted for the moment.  Julia and I studied for the same two exams, a week delayed, for a few days and then gave up.  Over prepared could equal not prepared at all.

And we sorted!

After working around the edges–my own tidying method that might bear with some explanation–and tackling stuff that I knew was not a challenge, like the bathroom linen closet with towels and sheets we never use, and a sprinkling of Julia’s old hair ribbons and clips, we got down to the tough stuff yesterday: toys.  And after considering whether big dinosaurs, Playmobile parts, dried up paint and reams of paper brought her joy, she considered whether to carry them into her future and let go of a sizable amount of stuff that she hasn’t used in years.  Not everything, mind you, and I am comfortable with that.  Her load has been lightened and thus, so has mine.  Julia is not a horder but she hates to let go of what she has.  I’ve always considered this a left over orphanage reflex.  Watching her consider what brings her joy and putting stuff in the discard pile gives me the feeling she has found some safety in her life.  She would like to give her discards away because “some other kid will love them.”

Next up, clothes.  I’ve bought special hangers to make her closet look pretty–this is very appealing to her.  Julia is small, she fits into most of what she has ever owned.  Even holely underwear is parted with under duress.  I am hoping for just the clothes that she has not used in a long time to leave the house!

With forecasts of 40ºF and rain for the weekend, we might not have as much home time and so we may take a Konmari break.  That too, is okay!