follow up & rugelach

CCCD0247-5F0D-4278-B8F6-9758819B1B5AAfter two reminder emails to my list of PTB (“Powers That Be”), Julia was picked up this morning in time to get to school on time. Her case manager texted me that her bus was on time and  she was not marked late during first period. I’m holding out for a week before I ‘get off my high horse,’ as my grandma used to say.

However, just because nothing is ever sweet and easy—This morning we went to the door three minutes before her ride has been scheduled to find the bus waiting.  I don’t quite know when it got there and I hadn’t received any word that she would be picked up sooner than her scheduled time.  I really don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth (Barb, lots of horse idiots today!), but it felt that it was just a wee bit passive aggressive to reschedule the pick up without any word to me.  Because the bus has been coming late, we have been going to the door just on time.  If we had this morning, the bus would have probably left.  I’ll swallow this complaint right here, because I know what response I would get.  I’m not even going to add to my thank you that a schedule getting Julia to school on time should have been worked out before school started.  

I’m just going to be my small-minded, less-than-gracious-winner here.  And I am not a winner here!  This is just about getting Julia to school on time like she is supposed to, like it says in her IEP.  

I am now wondering about furthering my advocacy on this issue.  It is not just Julia who has been late.  I know from school staff that Badger Bus tardiness is an everyday battle.  Rounding up parents is not easy task.  There is no list, no club we all belong to. The advocating moms (and yes, they are all moms that I’ve met) that I have met and joined at times represent only a small number of students using special education.  Of that small number, not everyone uses Badger Bus.  There doesn’t seem to be any outcry for being on time and so, if there somewhere I should be going from here.  Or is this a fight-for-it-again-next-year sort of thing.

Moving on!  Please.

26C1C634-4C50-4ACC-A333-376B9074B4D6On the weekend, I made a first batch of rugelach.  The dough with cream cheese and butter and a small amount of sour cream with just flour holding it all together.  The filling was pecans and preserves and chocolate chips.  Julia loved them, asking to save enough to bring to school this week in her lunch.  And since she needs to gain a few pounds as per her doc, I’ll put them in her lunch box.  The filling was too sweet for me and yet, I remember the taste from a bakery on Second Avenue, a block from our East Village apartment.  They also made some with apple, nut and perhaps raisins.  It is that taste that I am chasing right now.  And I read of a nutella filling.  Julia would be nuts over that one.

Any interesting rugelach fillings.  Anyone?

One thought on “follow up & rugelach

  1. No thanks for the Nutella, just not a fan but would be happy with jam, apples and nuts…filling like Hamentaschen, I should make these sometime, but like the way of all good things I would keep quality testing.

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