pointing towards a new season


It has taken the entire summer to get Julia journaling on paper.  Previously and for a number of years, she journaled during the school year on her iPad.  My aim for this summer was to get her to write and draw on a page and although there was a lot to write about and draw during our Australian travels, she was not always very happy about doing any of it.  Finally, finally, finally, this week writing and drawing have been done with minimal reminders.  Sometimes it is even choice work.

The week has been quiet for us with only one bumpy day.  Rain and flooding are plaguing the town.  The bay a block away is close to overflowing.  More rain is expected and sandbags have been filled.  This water, this weather is a threat that we are not used to.  Our upper midwest seasonal changes are the expected kind, but this year has been anything but what is expected with more freeze-thaw cycles during the winter, late spring snow and ice storms, bulb plants blooming all together and now flooding.  It shakes the soul.

Meanwhile, we took a short visit to the International Crane Foundation about an hour from us in Baraboo, WI.  Julia complained about going and the length of the ride and then how hot it was walking around and then was seduced by the lovely birds.  All she wanted to do was sit and draw which she did until it was time to leave.  And then, when it was time to leave, she complained about leaving. If the rain lets up this week, we will return.

This is the beginning of her last week of summer break and I am looking forward to some time on my own.  The desk is piled high with tasks put aside, I hear my gym bag calling and there are projects to pick up once again and to take on and conquer.


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