CE4317A0-AACB-42C3-8317-DDFEA0460A30(Written 28 August)

Sunday with cousins.

Sunday morning Scott picked us up for a drive and more Sydney views.  Writing a month later, I don’t remember the interesting walk but perhaps I can impose on Scott to remind me.  The cliffs are wild and beautiful.  It was a spot where people trying to end their lives pondered jumping, but nearby the top of the cliffs a solitary man lives in a small house.  When he saw people contemplating their final decision, he would come out and speak with them, invite them in for a cup of tea and somehow I imagine, a slice of cake.  Life the story of the boy throwing starfish back into the sea, the kind man managed to turn many people away from the sea.

When we got home to Steph’s house, we had a party.  Julia and I met more of our Australian family.  We talked and laughed and ate and got to know some wonderful, generous members of the Whitmont Family Tree.

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