Sydney: ferry and art

7FCDCE73-EFB4-49A9-A290-1156B9930136Back to Sydney!  Staying with my friend, Marianne, in Umina Beach which is north of Sydney.  We took advantage of a Sunday special, Family Fun Day, on the trains and ferries. $2.70 for the entire day. We took a regular ferry under the landmark bridge and past the Opera House, the Maritine Museum and Luna Park.  Later, we walked into the old Customs House.  I was particularly struck by the carved face of Queen Victoria.  Younger than most that I have seen. I can’t imagine what it is/was like to be a person whose image is such common currency.

After lunch, we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art which had a full floor exhibition by aboriginal artist, John Mawurndjul. He works on tree bark which he prepares himself and with paints made from ochre and soot and chalk.   The work covered more than 30 years and we couldn’t decide which piece was our favorite. His crosss stroke style is traditional although his pieces fit in a contemporary exhibition.

In the museum shop I couldn’t resist a picture of this pink tea towel.


The day ended with a great view from the train station.

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