coming of age

AE0CBD2F-5AED-4BE1-BC55-3651153B147EIt is spring!  Tulip are on parade.  I’ve changed to capris and flip-flops. Around town the Redbud trees are in bloom.  They are my favorite spring trees. I “saw” them for the first time as I drove from Bloomington to Indianapolis for my first post-law school job which (as a classmates reminds me on Facebook today) was 26 years ago.  I planted a Redbud in my Indianapolis garden and though there is no room to plant one now, I eagerly await their blooming every year.  

Garden update: As for the absent daffodils, we visited our Olbrick Garden on Sunday and they had a respectable amount of daffs.  Local readers report on both sides.   I continue to wonder.  The Olbrick visit also gave Julia the chance to take pictures for her latest photography assignment.

In the warmth I could sit outside during my morning write after Julia gets off to school; however, road work has begun. Tearing up the streets in front and on the side of my house. Yesterday and today: a pounding machine to break up concrete began yesterday at 7 and continues at odd intervals.  It shakes the house.  A porta-potty is my new lawn ornament.  Julia’s bus will no longer stop in front of the house. The neighborhood’s concrete streets will be replaced with black top which is a thorn in the neighborhood’s side—we are paying for what we would not choose.  Travel is very appealing right now.

I work on travel plans in fits and starts.  A first adventure to Uluru in the middle of Australia was booked today thanks to my friend on the ground down under.  I’ve subjected Julia to youtube videos of what we might see to encourage her enthusiasm.

Last weekend, Julia was part of the closing ceremony of her Coming of Age year at First Unitarian Society.  This is the final religious education class at the society.  Julia has been attending classes since she was in Kindergarten and some of the kids in this graduating class have been with her the entire time.  We, the RE director and I, didn’t know if Julia could go through this year’s class.  It is intense and demanding.  She did it with some extra help and having me go as backup on the two weekend retreats that are usually for kids and facilitators only.  On Saturday, she gave a belief statement at the closing service like all the other kids. 

A few weeks ago, during a weekend of rain and sleet and ice, COA went on retreat.  Part of the retreat was a planned 6 hours in the “wilderness.” All the kids went out and attempted the impossible.  Most came in within an hour.  Less.  Once inside, they were set up to keep to the spirit of the retreat which included silence and some introspection.  Julia was pretty amazing to embrace the idea.  She spent a lot of time drawing the bush that was directly outside from where she sat.  Her picture graced the cover of last Saturday’s Order of Service.


2 thoughts on “coming of age

  1. Amazing progress. Things develop and bloom in their own time. Glad Julia is blossoming into a great person.

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