My niece, Shyla, and her long time partner, Ben, married on Saturday, August 5.  They have known each other for ten years beating our family record that David and I set knowing each other for six years before we married.  It was an intimate wedding at the home she grew up in.  Her brother and his wife who now live in that house generously gave their house and lives over to wedding preparations and festivities for a week.  Julia, Cheshire and I came in early to help with the setup and decorations.

Julia had her first real manicure and pedicure.


On wedding day, the makeup artist had extra time and Julia and I were professionally made up.  Julia loved all of it!


Julia and her second cousin, Noah, found lots to share and talk about–swimming and watching a robot competition on tv. They sought each other out and both had a good time.  Julia maintained terrific eye contact with Noah as they discussed the crashing and destruction of robots. I heard her correct him when his eyes wandered away from her.  He also corrected her at times and I think they both took the correction well.

Pre-wedding photos:


Shyla was a lovely bride and the wedding went off without a hitch.


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