Julia graduated from eighth grade on Wednesday and had a pretty wonderful day.  She picked out her dress and the blue rose for her hair.  She is a kid who loves dressing up and here was an occasion. She was even willing to pose for numerous mother pictures.  The bus ladies were effusive with the compliments.  These two women who drive and help out on the special ed bus greet her every morning and appear to love her chatter.  Julia entertains them every morning.

Julia has complained to me at times that other kids get flowers for concerts and she never does.  It is true.  Stashing a bouquet beneath my seat for a few hours is never good for the flowers. But a wristlet!  Well, that is another thing.  Julia loved it all day and a bit of the next day.

She did a wonderful job walking into the gym,  sitting with her cohort and getting her certificate. I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

And then afterwards at home, Julia reveled in the gifting.  Most were silly summer gifts–new big wand bubbles, a popsicle pin, gel pens and a summer carry all bag.  Her big gift was the biggest lego set I’ve ever bought her.  A great way to begin summer!

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