Julia’s impression of the Women’s March

Promising myself for my birthday that I was going to write every day come hell or high water . . . umm, last night I was ready to sit to write about 10 minutes before my eyes were ready to close.  Some of it busy but some of it just puttering.  What am i avoiding? I can’t even do a sit-down-write justice right now, but I can scribble a few doings.

Retreat contribution to the Women’s March

I was on retreat for the weekend and missed the drama of the hideous inauguration.  I’ve rarely watched those sorts of festivities, save the first of Obama’s, but I found it very hard to even listen to the speech afterwards.  “America first . . . . American carnage . . . And most importantly, we will be protected by God.”  That the heavens did not open at that moment and do much more than rain was astonishing.

And then the lies!

I’ll stop.

The evil has escaped into our world.  Pandora kept hope.

Not media connected for the ushering in of this tragic era, also meant being unplugged for the marches the next day.  I cheated and kept track of Julia who marched with Kati who cared for her all weekend.  On Sunday, I was buoyed by pictures from across the country and the world.

As I collected pictures of Julia marching, it struck me that Cheshire was raised without marches and rallies.  Not that I can claim any far reaching political work at any time, and not that politics was easy and liberal by any means during her growing.  These are different times and even children will learn to carry signs.  Looking at the pictures of Julia marching with her sign, I imagine that this is a face of America moving forward.

My birthday was on Monday.  Very quiet.  Dinner last Thursday with A.  A carrot cake on Tuesday with M and R.  A card, gifts from Cheshire and a few Facebook mentions.  It was enough.  I gifted myself with James Baraz’s online course, Awakening Joy. and a local class, Work of Spirit and Shadow, which promises a journey of self exploration and en-couragement.  I can use both as well as a little revitalizing community.  This will be another interesting year.

On Tuesday, I asked Julia to draw a picture of the march.  And she did.

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