harry potter in edgerton, wi

For the second year, the small town of Egerton, Wisconsin, organized a town-wide celebration of all things Harry Potter.  (21-23 October 2016) Kinda’ disorganized, crazy busy, lots of robes and costumes, and fun.  Julia put up with the jostling of fellow Gryffindors and dare to talk to the likes of Hagrid (a very tall and big man) and a few Mad Eye Moodies, as well as a beautiful Bellatrix and a stern Professor McGonall.


Sitting on bleacher watching two teams battle it out on a quidditch field which sort of looks like a game of dodge ball played with multiple under inflated soccer balls which are hurled are the opposing team by player who run around with shortened broom sticks between their legs, a little boy behind us whined is extreme disappointment.  “Where is the snitch?  Why aren’t they flying?”  His mother patiently explained what happens when the real world meets fiction and then asked him, “How are you?”  He sniffled, “I guess ok.”  Ah, the curse of growing up muggle.

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