We are home.  Julia was positively jubilant when I woke her up in London and again, when we finally got into our own house.  It was not a hard travel day, we made every connection.  We almost missed our connection in Chicago-an hour and 10 minutes is not enough time for immigration, getting baggage, customs, rechecking bags, going through security and all the walking from terminal to terminal.  The 8 hours from London was long and Julia did not want to sleep in the middle of our day.  I couldn’t blame her.  It was a blessing beyond belief to be met by friends at our little Madison airport, to get welcome home hugs and be driven home, to have milk and eggs and a tomato in the frig and then to get into bed.  It was only after 9 when we climbed into bed but it was somewhere around 3 London time.  I was out much quicker than Julia but she didn’t fight me on sleep.

Today, we move slowly.  We managed unpacking, a wash and food shopping.  I have a meeting tonight.

Much more to say but another day.

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