I just finished writing about buy airline tickets.  I have no idea if it will be of any use to anyone else.  Still, I write.  I wrote while sitting in my favorite “French” cafe breakfasting on pain aux raises and cafe au lait while Edith Piaf wailed on overhead speakers.  And smiling broadly from time to time.  Me, not Edith.

Julia has had a hard few days.  Behaviors seem to be escalating.  I have no idea of why and the behavior is not echoed home.  Ach! I mean I have some idea—stress, noise—I’ve said all the before, but wanting to report and keep track.  Perhaps one day, someday, I will see some pattern that can be affected somehow by something we do at home  before or after school without just imposing grave consequences.  I still take the iPad away for days or weeks from time to time but that is mostly for at home behavior, especially becoming too engrossed in the iPad.  Julia does not suffer the loss of her electronics.  She quickly finds “real” activities and I suspect her behavior improves merely because that screen is not swallowing her whole.

Anyway, yesterday Julia got detention for the first time, a short lunch-time alone detention, for hitting another student.  She has hit or pushed teachers and aides this year but not other students.  Julia’s teacher told me that this other student may have been almost obnoxious enough to “deserve” being hit and Julia may have done what others would love to do, but it is Julia who did it.  And she can’t be hitting.

My mother fears rise high.   It feels like Julia is behaving inappropriately weekly.

Julia told me that the other student told her that she was going to be late for her next class.  Julia had run up from orchestra which is on the first floor and wanted to be on time on the second floor for the next class.  Julia has been tardy for class a lot this year.  She never listens to class bells.  She is just beginning to be aware of the bells and is putting pressure on herself to respond to them.  I don’t know the tone or volume of the other student, and from what the teacher said, it may have been an obnoxious tone and high volume, which may have added to Julia’s self imposed stress.  Still, although there may have been reasons, hitting cannot happen.

Mother fears for her future rise higher.

We went home after school yesterday.  I dragged the story out of her.  And then, we laid down on the couch, put on a meditation tape and took a nap.

It solved nothing but it was a way to end the school day and begin our home evening which actually went pretty well.

One thought on “hitting

  1. As I read this post, I had just looked at the beautiful photo of Julia on the calendar from the Waisman Center. Sending love as your journey together continues.

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