chasing joy to Italy & beyond


New venture day.

When I began blogging, there were not many people writing about the challenges of adopting an older child and I felt that as much as I gained from writing about our family experiences, it also was information and support for others.  When our family moved on and I was blogging about grieving and putting life back together again, I lost the concept of providing information and support to anyone.  I needed to blog for myself and gather a community of loving souls around me, reading my words and offering support.  In the past year, I’ve become aware that my writing had changed again.  I like journaling about my life, Julia’s doings and our lives together.  I like sharing reflections about spirit moving and refrigerators.  And I’ve wanted more.

And I have a terrific case of wanderlust.

When we traveled in Italy last summer, I did not see many single moms and kids, I didn’t notice many kids with disabilities traveling with parents.  I’ve been poking around travel websites recently and have been listening to many podcasts.  Only a few talk about single parent travel and I haven’t found any about traveling with kids with disabilities. And so, I’m going to give myself the challenge of some niche travel writing.  I have no idea if I can do it, if I can be any good at it or if it will serve any purpose, but none of that is a reason not to start.

As a friend of mine says each time we begin the Japanese Crane style Qigong, ‘And so, we begin.’

4 thoughts on “chasing joy to Italy & beyond

  1. I love all your writing Suzanne & I think it is wonderful that you have taken on the challenge of travelling overseas with Julia. What a fantastic learning experience for her & yes perhaps you will encourage others to do something similar.

  2. You’ll be great at the niche writing. And don’t worry – I’ll carry on with the blogging about garden weeds, tangled yarn, odd tree and yard problems, kids who don’t like homemade soup etc.

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