thinking-outside-the-box Excuse the disarray, gentle readers.  A new year brings reorganization of the old and cluttered, rededication to particular journeys and diving into new long term projects.  This year, these ideas are very exciting and before I leave my bed on New Year’s Day, I am appreciating the energy that seems to be at my disposal.  I look forward to 2015 with a gentle enthusiasm which is almost a surprised but which has become familiar and comfortable.  When I make my bed in the morning, I remember when all that I wanted was for the day to end and to return to my bed.  I am still close enough to the years of grieving to viscerally remember being without the energy to begin a single idea.  I am no longer there.  Alleluia! The journey from there to here has not been an individual venture.  And I am grateful for who and what I have been given along the rut-filled path.  So many unexpected surprises.  I have met and deepened friendships and been befriended and guided and taught and saved by so many people. So much gratitude for so many. And now to the practical. I have been using WordPress for my blogging for almost a year and I do not yet understand all that I need to know about what is offered and how to use it through this service.  Instead, I focused on the writing.  And I am pleased that I did that.  But now I am going to take a step back and figure out a few things.  A few of my 2015 goals are to make  websites for Julia’s art work and my Mindful Circle workshops.  I may need professional help with these but I need to understand what I can and to figure out what I want to ask for. And so, this space is going to change and change again while I learn and play.  And hopefully, I will write a few things worth reading as well. *art by Duy Huynh

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