2015 resolutions

cropped-blue-moon-expedition2.jpgLooking back on 2014 and looking at the intentions and resolutions that I proposed, I am pleased that even where I did not bring an intention to completion, I kept so many of the ideas in the forefront of my consciousness and chipped away a little bit at each one.  For this year, I will renew many of last year’s ideas and also add goals.

Motto for 2015:  Thrive today where you are planted and seek home.

Resolutions for 2015:
breathe & be gentle with the dualities
sit each day
give more, expect less
invite passion & kindred spirits
turn off screen and read
write every day
dream and remember
make panksy and knit
take single steps into what holds fear and ask for help

Goals for 2015 for the next six months:
Learn WordPress
Give 3 Mindful Circle workshops
Make a website for Mindful Circles
Make a website for Julia’s art
More social interaction for Julia
Propose a class at Wright
20 minutes a day sorting/cleaning
Organize basement and workroom
Scan old photos and send out real and digital photos
Yoga body
Work at smarter investing & Maximize income
Plan travel
Kiss someone
Consider home

*art by Duy Huynh

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