more on meds vacation

More notes on Julia’s  meds vacation:  Saturday was day 3 without concerta.  Her IDS therapist noticed her constant movement and her need for more reminders to stay on task.  She also noticed that Julia was more social than usual and she had more eye contact.

I also noticed the constant movement — swing legs when she is sitting, tapping on the car window.  She has been able to do our usual school work this weekend, including rehearsing her Harry Potter presentation.  She continues to be more affectionate and considerate of me.  There is no question that she needs her meds but I want to talk to her doc about modification.

Julia is scratching her skin again.  Mostly at night, in her own bed but some also in school.  I am putting on ointments and creams.  I am bandaging where appropriate, but I’ve also told her that if she cannot change her behavior, that we will re-institute the consequence of leaving school when she cannot control herself.  Harsh but it worked last time.  Oh, if I knew a more positive way to do this!

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