I am exhausted and when I am so tired, my tipping point between whelm and overwhelm is close.  Tonight, I have the feeling that there in no way – some ice cubes chance — that I will do all that I want to.  I need rest.

Julia and I went to Chicago today to her eye doctor and then to Ikea.  Dr. Zelinsky changed her glasses — we’ll get new lens in the mail and find a shop to insert them into her frames.  Dr. Z suggested a massive therapy day with four therapists, including herself, to provide a re-setting of Julia’s core functions.  God!  I understood it when she said it and now I cannot write a word about it.  I need to call the office on Monday and have it reexplained to me.

A while ago, 2 years or more ago, Ellen told me that Julia’s spirit guides felt that she needed to be corrected in some basic way, re-setting to a ground point.  I wonder if this is what they were talking about.

Dr. Z also suggested that after we did the four way therapy session, that we might do a therapy called Interactive Metronome.  Our old OT, Annie, is listed as a practitioner.  I trust Annie.  I will talk to her.

Our post intensive therapy plan is not at all straight forward.  Much like Julia herself.  I question where to put our energy and time.  Right now our week has three sessions of group social skills work, attachment/trauma therapy, speech therapy and cello lesson in it.  With practice and home work, there is not enough time for fitting in the physical therapy that we began last summer.  Julia gets precious little down time.  I don’t see how we could fit in another thing, but then I wonder if we are spending this time appropriately.  Now that finding the appropriate balance for Julia’s time is completely my responsibility, I cannot feel sure that I know what would help her the most.  I loathe to waste time.  I want it all to count.

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