London – friends, dinosaurs and more Harry Potter


Our last day and on the train to Warner Brothers Studio to see where they filmed HP.  Again, the weather is gorgeous.  We could have used a few more warmer pieces of clothing, one long pair of pants for both of us and slightly warmer tops.  Italy was hot and if anything, we wore our lightest clothing over constantly and I hand washed some between washings.  Here is the opposite.  We both have was very light jackets and light sweat shirts; however, not everything matches and although I am by no means a clothes junky, and perhaps because we have such limited choices, I want us to look put together.  All clothes matching would be easy and a goal. Traveling in jeans and tee shirts with random sweatshirts thrown on used to be my style and fine but we’ve been in cities and we needed a more formal look.  Ummm, this may just be me getting old and desiring some respectability. Continue reading

London – friends, Harry Potter & some history


Where else would we go first?

The line to pretend to push the trolley at the pretend Platform 9 3/4 which is conveniently located next to a HP shop in Kings Cross Station is Potter worthy long. Waiting is long and boring and there is no chance that any person, young or old, who is waiting will give up their place. Julia, who has been challenged with the hub-bub of London stations, is focused and committed. There are two young women taking pictures for the store to sell and they really seem to be making a memorable experience for each person wanting a photo. And to be clear, not every adult waiting is accompanying a child. The noise of the station, regular announcement and travelers, makes for an excellently appropriate background.

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