2016 resolutions

e5a42707-c9bd-474a-9df5-e459c43463bbReflecting on 2015 and reviewing the resolutions and goals that I proposed, I thought to merely renew and update all those projects great and small that I have promised myself to do.  But looking once again, I recognized the projects for what they were: tasks.  And I wanted something more to guide this new year.  Something that bound all the tasks together and wove purpose into the time of the tasks.

What rose to the surface was one simple overarching resolution idea: to allow.  To allow without pushing.  To allow and embrace what comes.  To allow and accept.  To allow and open to the bumps in the journey and the smooth parts too.  To allow in the present without reference to regrets from the past or expectations of the future.  To plan, to be sure, plan Julia’s school work for today and tomorrow, plan returning to Italy, plan to learn Italian, plan to see friends and movies and theater, plan Mindful Circle and plan on writing, plan on healing my body and becoming strong.  But to do so without thought of success or failure, without expectation and grasping.  To allow.

Motto for 2016:  To allow. There is no need for fear.

And now for the tasks and goals for the first six months of 2016:
Breathe & be gentle with the dualities
Give more, expect less
Ask for help
Keep moving/Yoga body
Turn off screen and read
Write for blogs on a schedule
Teach Julia about friendship
Write panksy

Set writing goals
Develop Mindful Circle
Work at smarter investing & Maximize income
Plan returning to Italy
Love extravagantly
Step into fear
Search for high school and contemplate home
Master more of WordPress & Weebly
Finish basement
Reorganize study room

*art by Duy Huynh