2020 resolutions

1510456_10154049471548782_1658343131617926916_nEvery year before writing resolution I revisit last year’s crop to see what goals I have reached or fallen short of or in process about.  This year is no different although I want some new words for my aspirations, perhaps a vision from a different angle. And so . . . 

Be on my side first and always.
Feel fear and do what ever it is anyway.
Let go of shame and grow confidence.
Cool anger and nurture self love and calm.
Indulge curiosity and nurture motivation.
Appreciate my assertive spirit and rise to challenges.
Seek compassion.
Say thank you.
Stay in touch and reach out often to those who have fed my soul this year.

As for tasks:

Sit, move, write.
Record gratitudes again.
Find and nurture community.
Keep talking to strangers.